Identifying Foundation Problems in Peoria, IL

Our team at Force Basements has put together a list of common warning signs of foundation repair problems that could indicate problems with your foundation. Keep an eye out for the signs below and contact our foundation repair experts to schedule an inspection and foundation repair estimate for these common problems. 

Brick Cracks - Foundation Problems Peoria

Exterior Brick Cracking

Exterior brick cracking occurs when your foundation has settled. They look like stairsteps or appear as gaps in the brickwork.

Wall Cracks - Foundation Problems Peoria

Drywall Crack On The Wall

Drywall cracks occur when excess pressure from the settling of your home causes the drywall to pull apart. This most often occurs in corners.

Ceiling Cracks - Foundation Problems Peoria

Ceiling Drywall Cracks

Ceiling cracks are a sign that your foundation has settled. They most often occur around the corners of walls and other ceiling structures.

Door Cracks - Foundation Problems Peoria

Cracks by Windows or Doors

Doors and windows in your home are prone to cracking when you have foundation settlement. These cracks appear from the corners of the window or door jambs.

Foundation Cracks - Foundation Problems Peoria

Foundation Cracks

If you have a cinder block or concrete foundation, settlement can cause cracks that will cause water leaks in your basement.

Sticky Windows - Foundation Problems Peoria

Hard to Open Windows

Foundation settlement can cause your windows to become hard to open or close.

Sticky Doors - Foundation Problems Peoria

Hard to Open Doors

Excess pressure from the settlement of your foundation can cause your door to become sticky and hard to open.

Leaning or Bowed Walls

Leaning or bowing basement walls can be a sign of foundation issues. They can also allow water leaks in your basement.

Leaning Chimney - Foundation Problems Peoria

Leaning or Settling Chimney

A leaning or settling chimney is a serious safety issue. Contact our team immediately if you notice your chimney is leaning away from your home. 

Uneven Floors - Foundation Problems Peoria

Sagging Floors

Sagging floors can be a sign of foundation problems. They most often occur over crawl spaces in the Central Illinois Area. 

Contact Us If You Have Foundation Problems

If you have foundation problems, foundation settlement or foundation cracks in your home, our foundation repair experts can help. We offer professional foundation repair and basement waterproofing services for home and business owners across Central Illinois. Contact our foundation repair team today by calling 309-834-1769 or have our team contact you to schedule an appointment by filling out our online contact form.