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Crawl Space RepairCrawl spaces require a great deal of attention and care to prevent structural damage and other issues for your home. Although crawl spaces are often not a top priority, this area is an integral part of your home that can cause your entire home issues! Previously, ventilated crawl spaces were allowed fresh air to circulate below your home. However, we are now aware that this can cause an imbalance in temperatures. An imbalance of the crawl space temperatures can lead to an increase in humidity, which can cause water damage, mold damage, and other structural issues. Additionally, exposed crawl space areas are more prone to standing water and critters.

The Force Waterproofing experts recommend properly sealing your crawl space off from outside elements and critters to create a healthy environment under your home. We complete a proper evaluation to gauge what issues are already present and determine the best course of action to close your crawl space.

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Common Crawl Space Problems

There are a few problems and outside elements that can affect a crawl space, and it is important to know what type of issue you are experiencing..

Sagging Floors

Wooden frames and beams support your home above ground. If you have an unsealed crawl space under your home, moisture and natural degrading can cause the supports to weaken and deteriorate over time. This creates sagging floors, which is your floors sinking or becoming soft in areas around your home.

High Humidity

High humidity levels in your crawl space can cause musty odors, mold and mildew growth, and structural damage. In addition to causing extensive damage to your home, mold and mildew are dangerous substances that can harm your family. If you notice mold or mildew growth, call our professional company immediately to protect your home.

Unwanted Pests

Unwanted critters, such as bugs, mice, or snakes, are problems in your home and one that you do not want to deal with alone. These pests destroy plumbing and HVAC fixtures below the house. Keep these unwanted pests away from your crawl space and home.

Crawl Space Repair Solutions

Crawl Space Repair - Before And AfterOur team quickly evaluates your crawl space and develops a plan to install a system to restore your home and prevent future damage that may occur. We use various products, including stabilizers, dehumidifiers, and encapsulation systems, to repair and protect your home.

Encapsulation System

Crawl space encapsulation is the process of completely closing off your crawl space from outside elements. We use heavy-duty sheeting, vent covers, and a secure door for crawl space encapsulation systems. Once we clean and seal the area, we ensure humidity levels are in control to prevent mold growth. We use a dehumidifier designed for crawl spaces to avoid excess moisture quickly and permanently from building up

Stabilizing Jacks

If your floors are sinking, the best repair is to replace the old, wooden columns with a system of steel crawl space stabilizers and jacks to restore your floor. These repairs will properly level your floor and prevent any future sinking of your floors.

Additional Services

In addition to our crawl space repair and encapsulation system, we offer permanent foundation repair services, full basement waterproofing systems, humidity control, and bowed wall repair services. Please visit their respective pages for more information.

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If you have crawl space leaks or water seepage after heavy rain storms, our waterproofing experts can help. We offer professional foundation repair and crawl space encapsulation services for home and business owners across Peoria, Bloomington, Pekin, Davenport, Rock Island, and other cities in Illinois and the Quad Cities. Contact our waterproofing team today by calling 309-834-1769 or have our team contact you to schedule an appointment by filling out our online contact form. 

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