Professional Bowed Wall & Wall Crack Repair in Central Illinois and the Quad Cities

Basement walls hold up your home structure and keep water and soil out of the lower-level. Bowing and buckling basement walls cause structural issues that require immediate attention. Ignoring these issues can lead to major structural problems as well as costly repairs for your home. During heavy rainfall, water mixes with soil and pools up against your basement walls, creating hydrostatic pressure. This pressure pushes in on your basement walls and, over time, can cause them to buckle or bow inward. As this pressure increases and the walls bow, this can cause foundation walls to collapse.

The experts at Force Waterproofing understand the severity of this problem. We have the professional equipment and knowledge to repair and correct the bowing walls before it causes extensive damage to your home. Click the button below to contact our team to schedule bowed wall or foundation wall crack repair services in Peoria, Bloomington, Davenport, Rock Island and the surrounding cities.

Repairing Bowed Walls With SafeBase Wall Anchors

For proper bowed wall repair, our experts will install wall anchors. Wall anchors are a 3-part system consisting of 2 plates and a long connecting rod. The process starts with driving a long steel rod into the ground through a hole we drill in your foundation wall. The first plate goes into the ground outside your home, 10-15 feet from your basement wall, to ensure we place it into undisturbed soil. The second plate is inside your basement, attached to the rod (which our team anchors on the outside plate), and slowly tightened to pull your bowing wall back into place. Tightening may require multiple visits to tighten the plate and ensure your wall is back in its original location.

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Foundation Wall Crack Repair in Central Illinois and the Quad Cities

In addition to bowed basement walls, hydrostatic pressure can cause cracks in your foundation. Big or small, these cracks can cause basement waterproofing issues and other structural problems within your home. Our team offers professional wall crack repair services for damaged and cracked foundation walls in Peoria, Bloomington, Davenport, Rock Island and the surrounding areas in Central Illinois and the Quad Cities area. Contact our team today to learn more about wall crack repair with carbon fiber reinforcement.

What Causes Wall Cracks

Bowed Wall RepairThere are two leading causes for wall and floor cracks: hydrostatic pressure and foundation settlement. These two issues put stress on the walls and floors of your foundation, causing cracks to appear. These cracks, even the smallest ones, can lead to water leaks, bowed walls, and several other foundation issues.

How We Repair Wall Cracks With Carbon Fiber

With the proper techniques and tools, we can repair wall cracks quickly and prevent future cracks from occurring. Other basement foundation companies use an epoxy injection to fill the void and seal the crack. However, over time epoxy injections can break down, causing the crack to re-open, letting water into your basement. Therefore, our experts found more innovative, advanced options to repair foundation cracks. Our team uses a patented carbon fiber repair technique that uses both epoxy injection and carbon fiber patches to seal and cover the gap. The high-strength carbon fibers keep the crack closed and prevent the epoxy injection from breaking down over time.

If you have noticed wall cracks in your basement, contact our team. We can help you keep your home safe and dry year-round.

Additional Services

In addition to our bowed wall repair services, we offer permanent foundation repair services, full basement waterproofing systems, and crawl space repair services. Please visit their respective pages for more information.

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